24 pin ATX Extension Cable - BLACK & RED Stripes

24 pin ATX Extension Cable - BLACK & RED Stripes
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COLORCODED are premium quality cables feature precision molded connectors, and come in a variety of colours and cable types, enabling you to transform your normal PC into object of wonderment.

COLORCODED cable not just look good, but also is strong and reliable, it does not mean you can hang on it, of course, but it is nice to know you have high quality product.

For sleeve i use a paracord ultra-dense weave to wrap each cable individually, giving the entire cable "non plastic", unique soft fabric look. Paracord weave is soft, flexible and several times denser than your typical sleeved cable. Sleeve with such level of density ensures that the cable colour underneath the sleeve is completely invisible, making this cable the best available on the market.

Improve cable management, maximise the airflow inside you case and make your PC look outstanding.

ASUS-Formula-v  Recomended motherboard:

 In my opinion this cable will go best with ASUS Formula range motherboards, but other makes may look just as good of course.




 heatshrinkNo heatshrink:

 I do not use heatshrink in my cables and here is reason why? It wont always hold sleeving in place and it doesn’t look even close as neet.





  • Can be used with both 24 pin and 20 pin ATX motherboards.
  • Flexible, Single Sleeved, high quality construction
  • 24 Pin ATX Male to 24 Pin Female Connectors
  • Extends Power Supply Unit (PSU) by 30cm
  • Ultra High Density Sleeve
  • Black Connectors

Package Includes:

1x 24 Pin ATX Single Sleeved 30cm Extension Cable

My Pledge:

Every cable is tested before sent to customer and 14 day money back guarantee is provided if customer is not 100% satisfied. My aim is to offer best service quality possible to all customers.


If you require different cable length or color combination please feel free to contact me.

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